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advertising is the maximum critical a part of the Promotional blend. it’s miles useful for growing emblem awareness and brand advertising. Now, internet is an effective medium for advertising. With the immensity of the net, marketers are probable to reap accurate response from internet advertising. This marketing becomes greater powerful with a longtime on-line advertising network India. The promotional activities may be nicely accomplished with presence of this network.This device is a collaboration of advertisers, publishers, agencies and users. This set of connections is built to cowl demand and deliver gap. there may be a want of facts approximately the products and offerings. As it is a part of consumer’s decision making technique, which calls for records and comparison. Now, online advertising community India is formed to deliver the wanted facts and awareness in an powerful way. offering the data in an interactive and green manner shapes up as’s far informative and appealing on the identical time. exciting appearance has an influence over the audience. one of the most attractive is online banner marketing. the online advertising community India, accentuates it with being the proper device to target market. The banner network India is a platform to show banner commercials across the applicable web spaces. Now, efficiency of banner advertisements comes to impact, when the campaign is coordinated by means of an online advert employer. The employer allows in publishing the commercials on web sites, which meet the parameters to reap reaction.The analytics of the writer website, subject of its content and web area to be had, are some of these parameters. In quick, all measures are taken to ensure applicable and optimal response. The advert placement is adapted strategically to audience, which includes users which are looking for relevant information. It manner that a person searching for holiday lodging in London may be delivered with applicable advertiser’s banner commercials.This focused on is carried out by using various sophisticated techniques like Geo-targeting, Capping, consumer statistics, Browser kind, IP monitoring and so forth. the online advertising network India [] is useful for advertisers from all verticals. it’s far a necessary step for both developing and installed companies. furthermore, achieving the target market and obtaining convertible leads facilitates the enterprise to obtain excessive ROAS.